#28 - Drew Steigerwald - News Media That Actually Informs Its Readers

This is a conversation I've been waiting for for a very long time. Drew Steigerwald is the editor in chief of 1440 - a daily news newsletter with 3 million subscribers and an astonishing 60% open rate.

The unique thing about this conversation is that Drew and I are both working on the exact same problem - we don't like the fact that people consume low-quality news, and we want to help people consume higher quality information, with a focus on more facts and less partisanship. We also have similar-size audiences - 1440 has 3m subscribers, and the Otherweb has 5.6m.

But at the same time, we're going about the problem in a completely different way. 1440 uses the old-school tools of meticulous editorial review and original writing, whereas the Otherweb uses the high-tech approach of software scraping, AI models and recommendation systems.

I think you'll all enjoy hearing a completely different perspective on this, which in my view - still achieves this goal quite admirably. I encourage everyone to check out 1440's newsletter at join1440.com - they are certainly a force for good, and while I obviously prefer our own product, I am still subscribed to 1440 and love what they're doing.

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#28 - Drew Steigerwald - News Media That Actually Informs Its Readers
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